Jul 15, 2012

How the time is flying!

Cailyn will be 11 months old on Tuesday - what?? Where did the time go?  We just love this little girl to bits and everyday is such fun with her in our lives, sure we are tired but it is all worth it!
Cailyn pulls herself up on everything so it won't be long til she stands and takes the first steps.  She has chosen to develop her vocabulary before standing and walking which is fine by us.  You cannot walk past her without her waving and saying Hi, or Bye.  She sings e i e i o alot now, alot!  She calls the cat by her name, she calls me Kerrie, yes, not momma, Kerrie.  She lights up when daddy comes home from work and she loves when her family visits and gets her all pumped up to then leave us with on wired little girl.  She has wonderful recognition skills, knowing what a butterfly is, or which book to grab when we tell her the title, or which toy to grab when we ask her to get it.  It is really incredible watching her skills.  And she loves to flip through the pages of books, and god forbid there is a picture of a baby in the book as she yells "BABY". 

Trying to stay cool in the shade with a book - looks like her daddy here.

Also trying to stay cool by the AC vent in the floor.  Look at her hair!

Someone loves TV!!!
She has mastered the strangle hold - this may require therapy down the road!

Someone also loves books!

This week on the Next Family I wrote about the amazing friendships that can be made as you travel your path to parenthood via Surrogacy in India. 


  1. Cailyn is totally gorgeous!!

    Look forward to your updates and new adventures.

    Best wishes, SJ & B xx

  2. What a little a smarty pants! That is awesome that she is so advanced with her communication. She is just too cute! Hugs to he from R&B.

  3. Love this little girl. They say they concentrate on language or motor. She is a language girl for sure. :)

  4. What a delicious cherub. Wish I could pinch those cheeks thru the screen! X


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