Jul 31, 2012

Oh Canada!

July 26th - official date Cailyn became a CANADIAN Citizen!! The process did get expedited as I called them explaining she will not have health care coverage due to her not being a citizen in the very near future.  The woman who took my call was wonderful and said she would see what she could do to expedite it and it seems that call caused it to be finalized within a few days!!  YAY YAY YAY! 
We have been very patient with the process, being Canadian that's what we do eh!  We are just thankful it is now complete and will anxiously check the mailbox daily for the official document to arrive!
Canada's newest little Canadian is a busy busy girl and walking is in her very near future.  She pretty much stands most of her waking hours.  Today she stabilized herself with no support for a few seconds, so she is definitely testing the waters. 

Can never get close enough to Elmo!

At Lake Ontario - watching the waves and smelling the dead fish.
Last week a parcel came in the mail for Cailyn, and once I saw who it came from we just HAD to open it!  Taj and Alex from Australia sent Cailyn her very first 1st  birthday gift, and it was a hit!  Cailyn loves books and also to cuddle stuffed toys.   Thank you Taj and Alex for the wonderful gifts!! Cailyn opens the book alot every day and squeals at the babies!

Flash in eyes face


  1. So cute. Can't wait to see her walking around in a video just like the ones when she was rolling herself around.

  2. Wow, she looks so much like Mark in that "flash" picture! Glad to hear the citizenship issue is resolved and now the healthcare piece can fall into place!

  3. We must send gifts more often if unwrapping is always this cute - which I'm sure it is!! So glad to hear Miss Cs citizenship is finalised. And yep, she's about to take off.

  4. finally Canada got it's act together eh!! Congrats to you all, full circle my friends. All the best.


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