Aug 19, 2012

Uno, 1, ONE!

Cailyn is officially one year old/young!  We cannot believe it, we have a daughter, and she is 1!!  Wow, reflections on the last 20 years and most recent journey to surrogacy are quite hefty these days.
We had a party for Cailyn which she did not enjoy - many meltdowns and NOT enjoying being the centre of attention.  Regardless of the meltdowns she eventually settled into it and made the best of the day.  Mark and I never imagined we could have experienced this so it was HUGE for us!
Cailyn received many wonderful gifts and we are very grateful to our family and friends for joining us on this special day!   The weather was crap - raining...stop raining, then rain again.  We ended up not having a bouncy castle due to the rain, but our friends at who attended the party decided mid party to run out and bring one since the rain looked like it would be letting up.  The kids enjoyed it for 5 minutes then the rain came again.  Too bad!
For those of you whom have shopped Monnalisa in Delhi you will recognize the dress Cailyn has on.  It lasted til about 5 pm, then we opted for a diaper and nothing else.  The house was warm from having 30 bodies in it, the air was thick with humidity from the rain, and quite frankly, I would have loved to be in just my undies too. 

Goofy hat

Some friends ...



Cake...yum...diaper the next day...yuck!

Love her to bits!

Chilling with daddy

Ohhh...a book that makes sounds?!?!?

An all time fave... ELMO!!!!!!

She read every card that came with each gift.

Clapping...and more clapping...and more clapping!

Cailyn with Auntie Christine

Helping daddyput together a new trike stroller.

Not sure what she is looking at

Cailyn LOVES bath time!

Gospel singing with Auntie Christine

Almost walking!!!

So so so anxious for a bath!

Aug 8, 2012

Skirt day and almost 1 year old!

Cailyn turns 1 in 9 days...9 days!! WOW! The year has been absolutely full of joy and wonderment.  We have loved every minute of year one  and look forward to each year to come, each day as a matter of fact.  Cailyn has two play obsessions - 1. Books and 2. anything Sesame Street.
Standing up is also her biggest physical obsession these days - she climbs up on to her little paisley chair but cannot get out of it without falling and bunking her head.  She walks supported from the coffee table to the couch but so far that it is for walking.  It is very exciting watching her development!   Cailyn is not a fan of wearing skirts and dresses.  When she has them on she spends alot of time trying to get them off.  Last week I put her in a mini skirt  (skirt day) which seemed to be ok for the bulk of the day as it did not inhibit her crawling.  Crawling to find the cat and yelling "BAT" happens every 10-15 minutes.  Cailyn races to the patio door yelling BAT looking for Kombat kitty.  She will stand leaning on the patio door for a very long time looking for the cat and when she finally does see the cat she gets very excited (the cat...not so much). 
We have requested Cailyn's long term health care card now that she is a Citizen - this was a very simple process.  We now have a temporary card with the real one expected in the mail in 4-6 weeks.  Fortunately, Cailyn is very healthy and we have not needed health care other than her 2,4,6, 9 and soon 12 month check ups.  We are very fortunate to have socialized health care and god forbid we would need it, it will not cost us a cent. 
This weekend is Cailyn's birthday party.  We have a load of friends and family coming over and although Cailyn will not enjoy it at all, we want to celebrate this very important birthday that we never imagined possible. 

It would seem Australia needs a future Olympian, so Cailyn is starting to get mentally ready by wearing the patriotic shorts given to her by Nik and Lisa!
I had forgotten about these shorts until Cailyn took it upon herself to empty a bottom dresser drawer where they were stored.

If she can reach it, she will stand!

A skirt day video: 

Aug 2, 2012

Bumps in the road

As all of going through IVF anf surrogacy can attest to, it is a stressful go!  This week I write a little bit about this on  I think anyone of us could have written this post!

One BUMP that is finally over as previously mentioned is Cailyn officially becoming a Canadian!  She finally received her official document this week.  Now, we can do all the things we need to do like get long term health care, get a social insurance number and a proper passport.  The interesting thing to know about this citizenship is that Cailyn will not be able to adopt from out of country or have a surrogate baby from out of country.  Her citizenship is limited to first generation born outside Canada.  This is kind of sad news for Cailyn, but hopefully she will not need this to begin with, and if so, her partner or husband will be a Canadian, born in Canada.
Here is her fancy recognition~!