Aug 2, 2012

Bumps in the road

As all of going through IVF anf surrogacy can attest to, it is a stressful go!  This week I write a little bit about this on  I think anyone of us could have written this post!

One BUMP that is finally over as previously mentioned is Cailyn officially becoming a Canadian!  She finally received her official document this week.  Now, we can do all the things we need to do like get long term health care, get a social insurance number and a proper passport.  The interesting thing to know about this citizenship is that Cailyn will not be able to adopt from out of country or have a surrogate baby from out of country.  Her citizenship is limited to first generation born outside Canada.  This is kind of sad news for Cailyn, but hopefully she will not need this to begin with, and if so, her partner or husband will be a Canadian, born in Canada.
Here is her fancy recognition~!


  1. What is that rule about? I have never heard of this. Is it just for Canadians?

  2. Congratulations - yes but can she run for Miss Canada??? Just kidding - that sounds like a ridiculous rule but hopefully she will not have the need. Best wishes!!! K&J

  3. I hope she never needs either of those things. What a horrible limitation to put on a baby. Who knows what the future holds for her? I'm glad that things are falling into place for her healthcare and passport!


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