Aug 19, 2012

Uno, 1, ONE!

Cailyn is officially one year old/young!  We cannot believe it, we have a daughter, and she is 1!!  Wow, reflections on the last 20 years and most recent journey to surrogacy are quite hefty these days.
We had a party for Cailyn which she did not enjoy - many meltdowns and NOT enjoying being the centre of attention.  Regardless of the meltdowns she eventually settled into it and made the best of the day.  Mark and I never imagined we could have experienced this so it was HUGE for us!
Cailyn received many wonderful gifts and we are very grateful to our family and friends for joining us on this special day!   The weather was crap - raining...stop raining, then rain again.  We ended up not having a bouncy castle due to the rain, but our friends at who attended the party decided mid party to run out and bring one since the rain looked like it would be letting up.  The kids enjoyed it for 5 minutes then the rain came again.  Too bad!
For those of you whom have shopped Monnalisa in Delhi you will recognize the dress Cailyn has on.  It lasted til about 5 pm, then we opted for a diaper and nothing else.  The house was warm from having 30 bodies in it, the air was thick with humidity from the rain, and quite frankly, I would have loved to be in just my undies too. 

Goofy hat

Some friends ...



Cake...yum...diaper the next day...yuck!

Love her to bits!

Chilling with daddy

Ohhh...a book that makes sounds?!?!?

An all time fave... ELMO!!!!!!

She read every card that came with each gift.

Clapping...and more clapping...and more clapping!

Cailyn with Auntie Christine

Helping daddyput together a new trike stroller.

Not sure what she is looking at

Cailyn LOVES bath time!

Gospel singing with Auntie Christine

Almost walking!!!

So so so anxious for a bath!


  1. Happy birthday Cailyn - One is so much fun!!!! Enjoy this next year it will be full of even more amazing adventures!!!

  2. I love the photos! She really is just gorgeous. I hope she likes her present in the mail from us. x

  3. Happ happy daY!!One year has gone sooo fast and Cailyn is as cute as ever.Look at her standing!!Adorable!!Looking forward to reading another year of Cailyn's new discoveries!!
    Hope to catch up with all of you very soon....

  4. I love this child. The photos are great and so are all of you. Happy first Cailyn. Many more adventures to follow.

  5. Happy first birthday Cailyn!!! How fast has the time gone??? LOVE the photo with you and Cailyn together, its just beautiful xxx

  6. Happy first birthday, Cailyn!

  7. Happy Birthday Cailyn!!! Can not believe it's been a year! Feels like 5 minutes ago that Beau and Cailyn were in Dr Shivani's office meeting for the first time! She has the longest lashes ever....such a beautiful photo of you both! Sending our love, Adam, Michael and Beau xxx

  8. HBD Cailyn!!! She looks like the happiest baby ever. I don't believe she really cries ;)

  9. Happy Birthday, Cailyn! Looks like a fun party! I can't believe she is 1 - time flies when you are having fun raising babies.

  10. Happy happy bday Miss C! How quickly the time is going! Before we know it, all of our little people are going to be at school... And agree with SuzieBen that the photo with mummy is just beautiful.

  11. Happy Birthday Cailyn! You are a beauty. Too bad nobody seems to like you. I hope you, moomy, & daddy have many more wonderful celebrations together.

  12. What a wonderful first year! She's so beautiful!!!

  13. Happy 1st Birthday Cailyn!

    Also, Happy Anniversary to the mommmy (Kerrie) and daddy (Mark) on your first year as parents! I hope you celebrated this milestone too!

    (Cdn GS)

  14. Looks like it was a great party! Thanks for sharing the pics. Happy birthday Cailyn, miracle baby!

  15. She's gorgeous! Congrats on the first birthday, they go fast from here!


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