Sep 27, 2012

Been a bad blogger...

I have been a bad blogger over the last 6 weeks...I read all the blogs on my iphone but just have not made any comments.  I love that people continue to blog and share their stories, and I get great pleasure out of keeping up with everyone's stories.  I still cringe to read the bad news, but having had 10 tries in India I know you will all keep moving forward as we did.
Life has been crazy for us.  My return to work has not gone well and I will not be expanding on that for now as it is quite touchy...legally.  Then, we had the daycare disater and now sickness has overtaken our house.  Let's just say the last 6 weeks have been far from ideal.
On a good note, Cailyn's new daycare is wonderful!  Everyday she comes home with a personalized baby bulletin that details how much milk she drank, time and how many pee's and pooh's, time and length of each nap, what she ate for snacks and lunch and how well she ate and also come commentary on her day.  On top of the wonderful baby bulletin we can log in online to the cameras in her room when ever we want and see how it is all going. All 4 of her educators have commented on how smart she is and that she may be moved to the toddler program very soon as the infant program might be too boring for her and not challenging enough.  Here are a few pics from yesterday (Cailyn has a pink top on and dark blue skinny jeans)

With the daycare issue sorted out we feel a huge sense of releif; as you can imagine! Miss busy pants is walking, talking and singing. Singing is her favourite and she picks up on songs very quickly. She has Sesame Street "Singing with the Stars" dvd and knows every song on it and applauds at the end and squeals like a little girl at a Bieber concert. It is so much fun to witness this!!! 
Did I mention she LOVES Sesame Street?
I have downloaded lots of Sesame Street podcasts from Itunes and these are fun ways for Cailyn to learn about the letters of the alphabet.  She practices the sounds as she watches it and drink her milk or water. 
The weather is getting cold  and we have had to buy her a big girl coat.  Lets just say she is not a fan of the big coat! 

Sep 23, 2012

Cailyn Walks!

Finally after weeks of falling and practicing, she walks!! This was filmed last night and today she is really strong and steady!  We are so proud of her!

Sep 14, 2012

When things at daycare go WRONG!

When we searched for daycare for Cailyn we found a wonderful home daycare with the promise of lots of love, fun and learning.  In April we started going weekly for visits so Cailyn could get to know the place and the care giver.  We felt good about our choice after investing almost 4 months into building the relationship.  Once Cailyn started full time there were a few things we questioned and often wondered if it was just our inability to recognize that Cailyn would not get the same schedule or possibly care that she would at home.  There was an incident with a food allergy that made us angry and scared and we had a severe talk with the care giver to ensure she understood the severity of it.  This passed and then a few other things came up - so we knew we needed to find a new place, a nanny or a solution of some sort.  Well, Monday, Mark happened to pick up Cailyn super early.  He arrived to hearing Cailyn wailing inside and knocked on the door - no answer.  He knocked again, then went to the main front door and knocked there, all the while Cailyn was crying.  Mark then hears rapid footsteps from the upstairs of the house pounding down to the lower level where the kids are.  A young girl (daughter of care giver) opens the door and tells Mark her mom is out running errands!!!  Mark grabs Cailyn who sits all dirty and in a diaper and looks like she has a bloody nose.  He immediately calls the care giver who says she is at the vet!!! She doesn't understand why we/he would be upset with this, and when questioned about what we are paying her for she talks around it.  After that call she starts sending me text messages that Mark is making false accusations and is abusive and that Cailyn is kicked out of the daycare - like we would bring her back there anyway!!!!  Thank god nothing worse than this happened and we count our blessings that Mark dropped in super early and caught this as it probably has been happening on a frequent basis.  Very scary stuff to deal with indeed - worst nightmare actually.  Tonight we are going there to get our money back and pick up Cailyn's things, her!!!!!!!!
We have sourced a new heavily regulated centre, with strong government controls in place and cameras for us to watch online anytime we choose to. We initially did not want this kind of environment for Cailyn, but after what happened we are relieved to have this peace of mind. 
We did our due diligence and were out right conned!!!

Needless to say, this week has been chaotic and emotionally draining.  I look forward to better days for sure!

Sep 9, 2012

September already?

It is hard to believe it is September 2012!   Last year we were in India just awaiting the results of our DNA test and now, a year later, we are at home loving every moment!

The last few weeks have been super busy and lots of fun! We had the pleasure to spend time with the whole gang from Life With Two Little Khans, and what a great joy to meet this family. Our visit was spent swapping surrogacy stories, baby milestones and funny stories.  We love love love meeting IP's and to spend time with this family was just great!   Here we are post breakfast:

We now have plans to visit the greater NY ares in the spirng to travel to Sesame Place and hopefully the Khans will join us!

Cailyn is still close to walking - she stands independently, climbs stairs, clims into bed, climbs into her chair etc.  She is super busy and we are always on high alert when she is awake as she is testing the climbing waters!  Here is a short clip of her walking with her little assistant:

Cailyn started making a scary sounding gasp noise last week and it scraed the crap out of us!  We googled and waited...and googled some more.  We were sure she must have swallowed a small toy at day care.  She was not showing signs of distress and her colour was good so we didn't panic.  Finally after five days of this we got it investigated and were told that this is either just her new noise she makes or tracheamalacia.  Neither are too much to worry about thank god!

A few pictures from the last few weeks: