Sep 27, 2012

Been a bad blogger...

I have been a bad blogger over the last 6 weeks...I read all the blogs on my iphone but just have not made any comments.  I love that people continue to blog and share their stories, and I get great pleasure out of keeping up with everyone's stories.  I still cringe to read the bad news, but having had 10 tries in India I know you will all keep moving forward as we did.
Life has been crazy for us.  My return to work has not gone well and I will not be expanding on that for now as it is quite touchy...legally.  Then, we had the daycare disater and now sickness has overtaken our house.  Let's just say the last 6 weeks have been far from ideal.
On a good note, Cailyn's new daycare is wonderful!  Everyday she comes home with a personalized baby bulletin that details how much milk she drank, time and how many pee's and pooh's, time and length of each nap, what she ate for snacks and lunch and how well she ate and also come commentary on her day.  On top of the wonderful baby bulletin we can log in online to the cameras in her room when ever we want and see how it is all going. All 4 of her educators have commented on how smart she is and that she may be moved to the toddler program very soon as the infant program might be too boring for her and not challenging enough.  Here are a few pics from yesterday (Cailyn has a pink top on and dark blue skinny jeans)

With the daycare issue sorted out we feel a huge sense of releif; as you can imagine! Miss busy pants is walking, talking and singing. Singing is her favourite and she picks up on songs very quickly. She has Sesame Street "Singing with the Stars" dvd and knows every song on it and applauds at the end and squeals like a little girl at a Bieber concert. It is so much fun to witness this!!! 
Did I mention she LOVES Sesame Street?
I have downloaded lots of Sesame Street podcasts from Itunes and these are fun ways for Cailyn to learn about the letters of the alphabet.  She practices the sounds as she watches it and drink her milk or water. 
The weather is getting cold  and we have had to buy her a big girl coat.  Lets just say she is not a fan of the big coat! 


  1. So thrilled you and Mark and Cailyn are happy with the new daycare. That is a relief. Hope the situation at work gets better. I remember our discussion about the possibilities at work. I want to see Cailyn in her big girl coat. Love the daycare camera.

  2. Looks like Cailyn is loving the new daycare how cool does she look in her skinny jeans! It makes me sad that you have had a tough time of late, I'm really sorry to hear that:( I hope things change for the better very quickly, sickness and work issues are very stressful. Take care hon xx

  3. Thank god for smart phones - at least we can keep up to date this way! Sorry to hear the work situation hasn't resolved, but VERY happy the new childcare is working so well for Miss Fashionista!

  4. That day care looks like Disneyland! I'd love to hang out there too :)
    Sorry the job sitch is not ideal, we all know you are a fighter and if they are not precisely following Canadian regulations they are SCREWED.


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