Sep 9, 2012

September already?

It is hard to believe it is September 2012!   Last year we were in India just awaiting the results of our DNA test and now, a year later, we are at home loving every moment!

The last few weeks have been super busy and lots of fun! We had the pleasure to spend time with the whole gang from Life With Two Little Khans, and what a great joy to meet this family. Our visit was spent swapping surrogacy stories, baby milestones and funny stories.  We love love love meeting IP's and to spend time with this family was just great!   Here we are post breakfast:

We now have plans to visit the greater NY ares in the spirng to travel to Sesame Place and hopefully the Khans will join us!

Cailyn is still close to walking - she stands independently, climbs stairs, clims into bed, climbs into her chair etc.  She is super busy and we are always on high alert when she is awake as she is testing the climbing waters!  Here is a short clip of her walking with her little assistant:

Cailyn started making a scary sounding gasp noise last week and it scraed the crap out of us!  We googled and waited...and googled some more.  We were sure she must have swallowed a small toy at day care.  She was not showing signs of distress and her colour was good so we didn't panic.  Finally after five days of this we got it investigated and were told that this is either just her new noise she makes or tracheamalacia.  Neither are too much to worry about thank god!

A few pictures from the last few weeks:




  1. How cute is she? Let me count the ways. So damn cute. Love all your adventures and meeting new IP's. That is how I felt when I met you and your family. Missing little Cailyn and you two.

  2. It was great meeting you guys too! We are definitely up for a trip to sesame place. Love all the swing pictures.

  3. Fun times at the park! I bet Cailyn will be walking in no time now! I love the pasta and sauce photo....... not to messy! ha

  4. So cute! I just want to nuzzle those chubby little cheeks! Let me know when your Sesame Place trip is planned... maybe I can join you too!


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