Nov 28, 2012

A few more Little Rosebuds

I stole these as print screens from Little Rosebuds secure proofing site as I do not have the digital CD yet! There are two common themes 1.  Cailyn  either has an iPhone or Sesame Street character in her hands and 2. Cailyn looks pretty sick in in 75% of the pictures.  Despite her double ear infection we just love the pictures and the fact that they actually turned out very nicely!
As we struggled for 14+ years to have a family, we always dreamt that we would capture the wonderful phases in still pictures and to now be able to do this is an amazing tribute to our persistence! We have been blessed with this little girl so full of life, happiness and personality.

Nov 22, 2012

15 months

It is so hard to believe Cailyn is already 15 months old!! The last few months have been riddled with sickness, nothing serious, just the daycare bacteria curse.  Over the last month we have been very busy despite the bacteria festival.
Two weeks ago we went to friends house for a wonderful lunch to meet their baby born in India!  It was great to catch up with them in person and meet their latest bundle of joy.  Their oldest daughter (almost 1 year old) and Cailyn were busy busy tearing up the house and enjoying all the toys while we grown ups and new baby enjoyed a yummy lunch and chit chat. 
The weekend after that we went back to Little Rosebuds Photography to have some professional family pics taken.  A sneak peak is available on the photographers blog.  We are anxiously awaiting the access to the online gallery - just a few more days!! For now, here is one of the pics of Cailyn ala vintage....

Cailyn was sick the day of the photoshoot and little did we know it was a double ear infection!! Poor little lamb really produced some amazing pictures despite feeling so poorly.

Dressed for Halloween at daycare - our little pumpkin.

Cailyns favourite thing to play with!

Life is good!!
Raking the leaves...
We all love to count our babies teeth - Cailyn has lots!! We bought this novelty soother during Halloween and it took my sister's ability to get a picture with it in her mouth since she rarely uses a soother.

Soon this snow suit will be worn...but not too soon !!! Guess we need to buy boots to go with it?!

Having breakfast at daycare in the middle of two boys!  I snapped this pic from outside after I dropped her off

Life is good, Cailyn keeps us very busy and we love every moment of it.  When I am sweeping the floors at 10 pm and find the morning's cereal still there I just laugh at how much I enjoy this and have waited so long to pick up cereal off the floor!  If only I had the luxury of time in the morning to do it!

Nov 8, 2012

Akward family photos?

A few years back a lot of us surrogacy bloggers were posting Wordles.  I thought about the Wordle concept in the car this morning and decided to do a current one.  I love how our little girls name is in the largets font!
Cailyn had "vintage" pictures taken at day care during her second week as a student there.  I was told she cried during the outfit changes but not during the pictures them selves...  Well, this momma, aka SUCKER bought these examples of how a sad little lamb looks!  There goes $125!! But, no regrets..I feel like I want to experience it all - good pics and bad pics.

The quality is not good, nor the angles etc as I took snaps of the prints with my iPhone.  These are just too funny, so I had to  share! I have to admit that I do love them, especially the one in the pink dress.  I think if they were taken this week (now) they would have turned out wonderfully as Cailyn LOVES her daycare, teachers and just going there.  She squeals with delight in the parking lot when we pull in and as of late she does not cry at drop off!  We are very proud of her accomplishment of independence!