Nov 8, 2012

Akward family photos?

A few years back a lot of us surrogacy bloggers were posting Wordles.  I thought about the Wordle concept in the car this morning and decided to do a current one.  I love how our little girls name is in the largets font!
Cailyn had "vintage" pictures taken at day care during her second week as a student there.  I was told she cried during the outfit changes but not during the pictures them selves...  Well, this momma, aka SUCKER bought these examples of how a sad little lamb looks!  There goes $125!! But, no regrets..I feel like I want to experience it all - good pics and bad pics.

The quality is not good, nor the angles etc as I took snaps of the prints with my iPhone.  These are just too funny, so I had to  share! I have to admit that I do love them, especially the one in the pink dress.  I think if they were taken this week (now) they would have turned out wonderfully as Cailyn LOVES her daycare, teachers and just going there.  She squeals with delight in the parking lot when we pull in and as of late she does not cry at drop off!  We are very proud of her accomplishment of independence!


  1. Love the words and the photos. You can tell she had been crying but was trying to hold it together for the photos.

  2. I vote for the blue dress. Still so cute!

  3. I love those pics! She looks like an angel.

  4. HAHAHAHA. I LOVE THESE! You'll have to come up with funny captions.

  5. she did amazing with transition in our room and the story behind how cailyn was brought into the world was just so touching. You and mark put so much love and trust into us ( her infant teachers ).... leaving her was heart breaking for you as at first she was very emotional and thats never a sight parents want to see or remember but in the end it totally was worth it I hope- as she has grown into such an intelligent and independent little girl that is full of personalities and smiles ! xo


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