Dec 31, 2012

Christmas, gastro and so spolied!

Christmas came and went with one over excited little girl who's sleeping pattern went to hell in a hand basket!  Since Christmas day Cailyn has had a viral gastro issue.  We have been busy cleaning up random vomits, messy diapers and cuddling up with a sick little lamb.  Overall she has been feeling ok, just the randomness of it makes it difficult.  We were supposed to go to a friends house for New Year's eve celebrations tonight but have opted out due to Cailyn not feeling well and also - the possible cleaning bill of said friends white carpets!   Today we opted to buy some Pedialite and gripe water to see if this helps at all.  Cailyn was of course spoiled, mainly by her Aunt Christine who gave her loads of clothes, an alphabet abacus and a whole pile of books!  Grandma and Grandpa gave her a Leapfrog lap top and light up shoes! Uncle Stan and Elena gave her Rosita - a Sesame Street doll, some washable markers and a puzzle.  Needless to say, we had to rearrange our house to accommodate all the new toys!

Tearing open a gift!

And another...

Thank you momma for the gift!

Old school - Teletubbies bought off eBay were a hit!

Mark and Cailyn open a gift from Australia....

OMG it is soooo soft! She loved it!   Pretty sure it is a kookaburra???

Taking all 4 Teletubbies to her room

Oops - see what I have- I dropped two but that's ok!

Mid December we celebrated my 40 something birthday. Cailyn and Mark gave me some beautiful meaningful charms for my bracelet - one was Cailyn's birthstone! Cailyn enjoyed blowing out the candle with me on my cake.

Scary looking mommy!
Scary mommy again but a HAPPY girl!

Hanging out in the toy box
We got a load of snow on December 27th and Cailyn mostly enjoyed the experience - I say mostly as when she toppled over face first into the cold white fluffy stuff she hated it and cried, and tried to wipe it off with her mittens, also covered in snow which just made the whole situation worse.


Dec 20, 2012

Fear the big guy

For someone who yells "SANTA" in the middle of the night, meeting the big guy did not go as planned.  Neither Mark nor I planned to be in the pictures, but, drama and tears insisted that we were.
Despite the tears and arching back, the car ride home was full of Cailyn saying Santa and ho ho ho.  No long term damage!

Dec 14, 2012


Wow, where does the time go! The days are busy, the nights are busy and forget the weekends!
Things are great here, no complaints!  Cailyn continues to amaze us with her development and vocabulary.  She was looking at a book the other day and pointed out using her words a "lemon" and "noodles". 
She is OBSESSED with Santa.  Santa Santa Santa!  We will see if the obsession is quickly squashed when she gets to actually meet him this weekend in person.
We put up a Christmas tree for her and she loves it!  Surprisingly she leaves is alone and stands a foot back to admire it.  Now if only she took that approach with the cat!
Cailyn has discovered colouring..she loves it and is very proud of her drawings!  She really enjoys art time at daycare as well and this is quite often highlighted on her baby bulletin.
Cailyn is a joy and as this holiday time of year comes we are very thankful for our little miracle.  The aches and horrible pains of the past do seem further away this year! Having her in my life has help to mend my heart. 
For those of you still struggling and working on your family dreams: I am with you in thoughts this year as I know how tremendously difficult it is.  It took us 15 years to finally achieve the dream so please please please do not let yourselves give up!!

Having a cookie by the tree! Cookie Monster and Elmo both look like they have had strokes..awe.. all time new favourite hobby!

Stop taking pictures of my messy face!

                                       How Cailyn makes my mornings feel just a tad bit more rushed than normal


Cailyn's favourite playtime friends!

Another gorgeous shot from Little Rosebuds!

Cheeky smile!