Jan 30, 2013

Finally - Blogger lets me post pics.

Finally blogger is letting me put up some pictures.  I like to put pics up here for our memories, for Cailyn and to share with friends and family.
Here are a few from our trip to Emergency....

Zoe wears Cailyn's hospital ID band to help out a distressed little girl
Daddy and Cailyn killing time while we wait for radiology to open...
Mommy and Cailyn killing time while we wait for radiology to open...
Checking Cailyn's blood pressure..poor little lamb
A very tired girl after almost 24 hours with no sleep :(

Some "everyday" photos of our little miracle! 

Stop taking pictures!
Dancing to the Wiggles
Either bored or tired..

A little bit more hair...little is the operative word here.

 Cailyn has become a good little helper around the house.  She independently puts trash in the garbage pail and also cleans up her toys by her own volition!

Two years ago I was obsessed with a particular video CLICK HERE TO SEE IT - as a result, our unborn baby was then referred to as Alan.  For fun, we showed Cailyn the video the other day and she equally enjoyed it!! It's kind of a dimly lit video, but you will get the point!



  1. Love all the updated photos. She is so adorable and believe me my kids had so little hair at the same age. I love her language of course the vacuum video as well. Has the hose snagged her yet by mistake? She won't like it when it grabs her toys.

  2. She makes me laugh so much - such a funny, smart, happy bundle of joy...and energy! <3


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