Jan 19, 2013


Vomit, barf, puke...whatever you call it, we have it!! Cailyn has been vomiting since Christmas day and it has been a rough go for her and us.  We have had trips to emergency and the doctor and now are waiting on an appointment with a paediatric GI.  The last few days have shown improvement which is great but we think we still need to investigate this further.  Poor kiddo has lost a few pounds (10% of her body weight) but through the last month has remained her perky little self.  It was only Thursday of this week that she returned to daycare and it was a difficult transition back.  Friday was a much better day for her thank god!
Our visit to emerg came with more surprises from our vocal little girl who clearly noted she was at the hospital to see a doctor and her room had a sink in it!  These are all very unusual words for a 16 month old to say!!  Her vocabulary is ridiculous and we love it!! She says inside, outside, upstairs, downstairs, chair, bed, pillow and on an on.  It is impossible to keep track of the number of words she has.  Last week she looked at me and said "Momma...poop".  WOW! I was shocked that she told me she had pooped, and sure enough she had done so.  Crazy!  Despite the sickness and a limited appetite, Cailyn has discovered the joys of eating a whole apple! She demands an apple so we peel the small ones whole and she will sit on the couch eating her apple and reading a book. Her newest visual favourite is elephants. She has a difficult time to say elephant but she sure loves them!  Our elephant statues bought on previous trips to India have taken a beating over the last week or so..some now have broken pieces but who cares as we can always get another one. 
This is such a fun age - watching Cailyn learn new things, mimic what we do and ask for things she wants.  Daycare has taught her the sign for "more" and this has actually been a cute addition to her personality as she signs to us when she is requesting more.  Cailyn also has discovered that she can take her clothes off by herself so this is a fun addition to any day!!

Cailyn loves the cat and the cat has taken to sleeping with her.  It is really cute to see her kiss the cat and name the cats body parts...nose, toes, ears, belly and tail. 

Somehow blogger will not let me add photos to this post so I will have to try later. 


  1. Gosh, so cute - but nothing new there! Love the child / animal interaction too. Tigerlily lets the boys near her now and Alex likes nothing better than a good nose rub. Squeals of delight when she rubs up against either of them ("it tickles") always brings a smile to my face.

    So sorry to hear she's been so unwell. Hopefully they can get to the bottom of it quickly. But lovely Miss C has managed to be her usual bouncy self.

  2. Poor little thing, vomiting isn't fun at all :(((
    Indeed, she seems to be a talented, quickly-developing girl. get well soon!

  3. Poor Cailyn! And poor mommy and daddy. What a month you have had! Hope she is feeling better now and for good! Her talking is truly amazing!

  4. What a clever little girl she is! Love the video of her and Kombat! Keep us posted on her results regarding the vomiting......not much fun for anyone :(


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