Feb 25, 2013


Cailyn graduated from the infant program into the toddler program! It was sad for me to see her leave her teachers and most importantly her comfort zone.  Sadly, this is life and she must move forward!  The last couple of days have seen a regression into an anxiey filled morning drop off.  The change of teachers and classroom has our little terror feeling anxious.  Fortunately, she has great new teachers who quickly turn her anxiety into fun filled days with lots of arts and crafts, songs, learnings and a good nap. Cailyn will stay in this level of the program for one year then graduate onward from there.   In the web cam pics below she is the one of the only girls not wearing her "mandatory" Friday school t-shirt! Looks like I was feeling out of sorts last Friday on her day 1 as well! (she has on a dark pink sweater and skinny blue jeans).
Words continue to come out of her mouth that amaze us! She tells us about the "pictures" on the walls, the "glasses" that daddy wears  and sings the first verse of Row Row Row Your Boat - in tune!
We intoduced stickers to her and boy oh boy do I regret that!! We have stickers everywhere!! The bottoms of our socks, on the back of our sweaters, on the cat bowl etc.  She loves stickers, loves them! She peels even the tiniest ones off the sheet of stickers and sticks them where ever she feels like it.  This is not an ideal craft for two parents trying to get the house ready to sell!
Cailyn sleeps in a bed and has finally discovered that she can actually get out by herself in the morning.  She used to wait for us but as of the last few days she does it solo, and surprises us with her arrival from her bedroom!  We are so fortunate that she sleeps in her bed for 11 hours every night, by herself and through the night.
Cailyn has discovered how much fun brushing her teeth is and demands to do it often throughout the day.  She will walk to the bathroom and yell "brush teeth!" - very cute and yet oh so demanding!
Thank goodness for washable markers...

Cailyn got my curls...

Graduation art from school...

First day in her new class....

Feb 8, 2013

17 months and a busy busy girl!

Curly cue being all cute!

Cailyn's hair after a bath - super curly!

Holy blueberries! if we let her she would eat the entire bowl.

Yum - chocolate icing for cake!
Daycare pics are taken from web cam access and are not very good quality....

Finally awake - getting sleeves rolled up for snack time

Bibbed..where is my snack!
Sitting to eat with yellow bowl

A day in the life of Cailyn at daycare lately revolves around food, as does her time at home.  She must be going through a growth spurt as she cannot stop eating!!!  She would eat a whole container of blueberries if we let her.  She is really cute saying "blueberry" and tapping her hands in sign language for more.
Her vocabulary has also taken a HUGE growth spurt and she now asks for things and actually answers questions when we ask her.  Cailyn says names of all her teachers and friends at school and amazingly she knows who's name is who!  She has started telling us when she has a dirty diaper so we are thinking it is time to start potty training. 
Oh, speaking of starting something new, Cailyn had her report card from school and she is doing extremely well in all fields noted on the 5 page report card.  As a result, Cailyn will graduate on February 25th to the next grade.  We are excited for her to graduate and start learning new things like science and math.  She is such a sponge and will take to her new learning's with great enthusiasm.
We are very proud of her and all her accomplishments at such a young age!  One of her accomplishments is knowing when and how to use please and thank you.  For example, Mark was eating a bowl of ice cream one night in front of the TV and Cailyn sat in her designated eating chair in the living room and continued to say "Please daddy" over and over until Mark gave her a taste!   She almost always says thank you when given something, and will request "Dorothy please" when she needs a fix of The Wiggles.
The vomiting has stopped which we are super grateful for.  We will keep the appointment with the specialist in May 2013 and in the meantime hope she stays healthy! Cailyn is feeling really great these days and as previously mentioned eating alot.  She lost 20% of her body weight during the month of vomit and last night we weighed her and she gained it back plus another 20% making her a solid 25.8lbs!  We can really see the weight gain in her face - she has gone from sunken cheeks to round and full - just how we love it!
Since Cailyn is nice and healthy again we are dealing with leaking diapers overnight.  Poor little lamb lets us know she is wet - her legs and back are soaked...awful.  So, I decided to try the Pull Up style night time diapers and we are on night two of the trial.  Night one went really well so I am hoping night two does as well.
Another great accomplishment of Cailyn's is taking direction.  We can ask her to put garbage in the pail and she will do it perfectly, we can ask her to clean up and she does it.  She also has started handing us her bowl or plate when finished eating and says "thank you" when we take the dish away from her.  She quite often finds real garbage and puts it in the pail - like her cookie wrapper or small box from the raisin. 
This weekend we have a play date with a little boy about 5 months older than Cailyn and we are really looking forward to it. Cailyn still takes 5-10 minutes to get used to new people so we are trying to put her in this situation more often so that she learns to be OK with new faces.
The joy this girl has brought us is unmeasurable!  Every day I wake up thinking how lucky we are and how grateful we are to be in a day and age that this was possible. 
We will try for baby number two as soon as possible..would LOVE to give this little munchkin a sibling as soon as possible!

Having a granola bar in her designated eating seat in the living room

All the kids lined up for a pre outside play picture and Cailyn decides to stand!