Feb 25, 2013


Cailyn graduated from the infant program into the toddler program! It was sad for me to see her leave her teachers and most importantly her comfort zone.  Sadly, this is life and she must move forward!  The last couple of days have seen a regression into an anxiey filled morning drop off.  The change of teachers and classroom has our little terror feeling anxious.  Fortunately, she has great new teachers who quickly turn her anxiety into fun filled days with lots of arts and crafts, songs, learnings and a good nap. Cailyn will stay in this level of the program for one year then graduate onward from there.   In the web cam pics below she is the one of the only girls not wearing her "mandatory" Friday school t-shirt! Looks like I was feeling out of sorts last Friday on her day 1 as well! (she has on a dark pink sweater and skinny blue jeans).
Words continue to come out of her mouth that amaze us! She tells us about the "pictures" on the walls, the "glasses" that daddy wears  and sings the first verse of Row Row Row Your Boat - in tune!
We intoduced stickers to her and boy oh boy do I regret that!! We have stickers everywhere!! The bottoms of our socks, on the back of our sweaters, on the cat bowl etc.  She loves stickers, loves them! She peels even the tiniest ones off the sheet of stickers and sticks them where ever she feels like it.  This is not an ideal craft for two parents trying to get the house ready to sell!
Cailyn sleeps in a bed and has finally discovered that she can actually get out by herself in the morning.  She used to wait for us but as of the last few days she does it solo, and surprises us with her arrival from her bedroom!  We are so fortunate that she sleeps in her bed for 11 hours every night, by herself and through the night.
Cailyn has discovered how much fun brushing her teeth is and demands to do it often throughout the day.  She will walk to the bathroom and yell "brush teeth!" - very cute and yet oh so demanding!
Thank goodness for washable markers...

Cailyn got my curls...

Graduation art from school...

First day in her new class....


  1. Looking so cute. She seems busy and love her walking around exploring all the new things. Where are you moving? Bigger house? Different neighborhood for schools?

    1. Looking to take the equity from our current house to try for baby # 2. Not ideal, but would have great regrets if we did not have ONE more try!


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