Mar 27, 2013

Growing up so quickly!

Who would have thought our wee baby girl would grow so quickly!!! She is using a cup and utensils...awe...its adorable and a daily reminder of her growth and development!

Cailyn is flourishing in her new toddler class.  She has also learned the dreaded word "MINE"!  We are stopping that usage at home explaining that things are not just hers.  She seems to get the concept and is starting to say "mine" alot less. 
Now that spring is in the air, Cailyn craves outdoor time.  She continually asks for "outside" and most of the time we oblige her request.
Cailyn has learned the fine art of cleaning up her toys when she is finished.  We encourage her to clean up and put her toys away and so far she is doing very well.  After a bath she puts all her toys in the bucket so we can store them until the next bath time adventure.
After a week of vomiting Cailyn has again recovered and is back to her normal self.  She is too cute - after she vomits we ask her if she is ok and she says "ya" in a tiny little shaky voice.  She recovers quickly from each episode it is just the frequency that kills her. 
Cailyn enjoys every day, even school..she looks forward to going and loves all the activities every day.  It is a real blessing to know she is cared for by teachers that really invest in her development and enjoy her.  They are fascinated with her language skills - knowing each child's name and who they are after a week really started the ball rolling in her new class!  She calls her teachers by name and it is adorable to hear her do it.
We have Cailyn registered for swim classes in April, she will be in the Tot 2 programs - should be fun!
Have a wonderful Easter!