Aug 30, 2013

A strange day for Cailyn

Today is a strange day - last day for Cailyn in her current toddler class :(
We recently received a note that Cailyn is being "early advanced" to a higher level class in recognition of her advancements.  She will move on Tuesday to a class that has a pre-school/junior kindergarten curriculum.  It is wonderful that daycare/school recognizes her requirements and skill sets, but sad to see her leave her current teachers whom she loves oh so much! The picture above shows Cailyn sitting at the red table with her friend Lily - they both are being advanced, and I think this picture tells a story of why.  These two girls are the only ones sitting and colouring!  We are very happy that they are being advanced together as they are buddies.  I have spoken with Lily's mom and as much as we both have concerns about this advancement, we are wildly proud to see our girls recognized!  Lily is of Indian decent, as is Cailyn in some regard and we wonder if this has anything to do with it?  We will never know but it is a funny commonality!


  1. I probably have the same concerns that you do that they don't advance her so much that when she gets to real school she is too advanced for her age in kindergarten and then gets stuck. Kids are only kids for so long and I would trust the teachers of the school to know when to advance. She is one smart little girl. Does she color within the lines yet? I hope not.:)

  2. How wonderful to see that they are sending her to a room where she will be challenged and engaged! She is very very advance for a two year old - I can tell it from the short videos you post - I can't imagine what she is like in person! What a wonderful future you have ahead of you as you watch her grow into an amazing woman :-)

  3. She's a clever little girl! So glad she is going up with her little friend though:) Def the Indian beginnings, I agree he he

  4. The class is great but I think the curriculum is still that of her age group. This is ok as she has wonderful teachers and is clearing in leaps


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