Aug 18, 2013

Offically TWO!

Cailyn turned 2 on Saturday and we had a great party to celebrate!  The night before, Cailyn helped to make her cake.

Baked and ready to decorate
The finished product!

Hmmmm cake!

We ordered a bouncy castle..and it was a hit to say the least!!!  The kids and adults enjoyed it for hours!  The owners of the bouncy castle company left it at our house for over 24 hours so Cailyn sure got her fill of jumping, falling and having a blast!

Look how high she jumps!!
Fun with friends!

Smile for the camera!


Adult fun too!


And the gifts of princess and dragon are a hit 24 hours later!


  1. She is so cute and expressive. Love the mid break cough too. Right there Mommy without moving her position. Love this child.

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Beautiful Girl. Love your friends in Australia.

  3. Happy Birthday, princess! What a wonderful birthday you've had!

  4. Happy Birthday little Cailyn! wow, she is growing fast! Kerrie, as you may recall, we exchanged messages on the old message board last year when we were beginning the process. Now awaiting our twins arrival in October. Hope all is well.

  5. Happy birthday Cailyn!!!Time has gone by sooo fast!!2 already,wow!!She is just an amazing little girl with two amazing parents!!Looks like you all had a super great time!!Wishing you all many many more exciting celebrations to come!!

  6. Happy birthday Cailyn! You're growing up so quickly! I hope we can have a playdate sometime!

  7. Looks like an amazing day!, Happy Birthday Cailyn. Your cake looks delicious - do you send to Australia?? XXX


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