Aug 13, 2013

Summer 2013

Been so so busy that I have not had time to update the blog!!!

In April we visited Springridge farms - Cailyn and her friend Jason had a great time ripping around the farm! They rode the tractors and Jason was brave enough for a pony ride ...not Cailyn!!

In July we visited African Lions Safari


Also in July, Cailyn discovered the art of enjoying summer..
Reading books
Sparklers for July 1st holiday
We officially have a water bug!!!

Eating candy (ugh) in a tent with two boys (cute now 12 years.....not at all)

Early morning singing!
Riding a bike...

Cailyn loves to say "oh my goodness" and here she is in the car saying it and showing her "oh my goodness" drama!


The Beach!


The Campfire!

Always helping...

Cailyn is just so much fun, it is hard to describe the joy she brings us!  She uses full sentences and can carry on a full conversation.  In the spring she became obsessed with the word "cupcake"..thank god this phase is over as we threw out alot of cupcakes!!!  Cailyn remains super shy when first meeting people, but in ten minutes she has warmed up and turned on her charm !  She seems to entertain people where ever we go, and people tend to fall in love with her and her big personality.
Latest desires are the Shrek movies...of which she can now repeat word for word the script!  Cailyn has just started appreciating wearing dresses.  I think she realizes they are nice and cool for the summer!  Cailyn's vocabulary is outstanding and her ability to think and understand in amazing! She fully understands consequences and always thinks before she does.  She says please and thank you appropriately and also loves to recite her name in full. She says the alphabet and can count to 15 and recognizes letters and numbers.   We are very proud of our smart little girl!
Cailyn received her 6 month toddler report card and we are happy to report she is on track (ahead in most cases) except for the one needs improvement...using scissors!! The fact that she is not a strng scissor user does not bother us at all!!!
It is hard to beleive that in 4 days our wee little girl will be two years old!! She talks about her party and reminds us that she will be 2! 


  1. Loved seeing all her adventures for the summer. Way ahead in my book. So darn cute and so loved.

  2. Wow Cailyn certainly is a lucky girl going on so many adventures!! Wow nearly 2......the time goes too quickly, Kerrie! Enjoy celebrating her 2nd Birthday xx

  3. Gosh, a zillion great photos - you certainly make up for being an awol blogger. Love the shot in the silver tunnel. The "oh my goodness" expression is priceless. Hope you guys all enjoy the b'day celebrations! And you're worried about her turning two - we're up for four next week...

    Huge hugs to you all.

  4. Such lovely news :) She seems to be doing so good indeed - a little clever girl! Greetings from Sweden!


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