Nov 8, 2013

Lets show some support!!!!

Rhonda and Gerry have three beautiful children via surrogacy in India.  They have just released a book and the commentary on the news sites is not necessarily nice.  If you have a moment, please leave a note of support, acceptance and love for the bravery of this couple! Here is one of  the links:

All of us who have travelled this road knows it comes with judgment and misunderstanding.  Most of the criticism is from uneducated or super religious folks who cannot wrap their head around it.  Unfortunately, most comments lead to the dreaded "adoption" discussion. 

Rhonda and Gerry are courageous to have a book published, and for those of you who do not know, the proceeds from the book will go back to their surrogate in India.  Admirable!

Nov 6, 2013

Fall time update

We have all been sick, thanks daycare!!  All the kiddos in Cailyn's class have a constant and steady flow from their noses.  Cailyn has avoided it until last week then blammo! Fast and furious it came on with a great ability to attack anyone in it's path!  Fortunately she is back to a good state of health yet Mark and I are still sick.  Us "old" folk take alot longer to recover!
Cailyn continues to develop at light speed.  Her teachers in her new class continually comment on her speech and knowledge ability.  Cailyn's latest favourites are Prince Charming, Prince Charming and Prince Charming.  She is in love with all the Prince Charmings of the world, and of course their horses.  We have sold our house and Cailyn has requested that the new house have a pool and a pony.  Do-able I guess lol! 
Sadly, due to all of being sick, Cailyn did not get to go out for Halloween.  She continues to ask where her candy is and we continue to avoid the answer!!
Cailyn loves to sing and generally the words are accurate, but on this particular day in the car, she was in a mood...

Cailyn and her BFF Lily continue to remain besties in their new class.   Below you will see Cailyn in the polka dot top getting ready to serve up some snack to the kids and in the second shot her and Lily sit gabbing at the table waiting for their turn for pony tails!
Cailyn is wonderfully stimulated in this class.  Drop off's have been tough but I think we are over the worst of it.   Cailyn has learned songs we never knew existed! She sings them word for word.  Her counting skills and spelling skills are increasing on a daily basis. As tough as the transition to the new class has been, we are seeing the benefits of the advanced cirriculum and are grateful for this. Cailyn's new teachers are diverse. One is from South Africa and Muslim, another from Bangladesh and Muslim and the third is a good ole Canadian girl with spunk.  We love that she is exposed to cultural differnces not only with her teachers but her classmates too.   We told her new teachers about her unique way of coming into the world, and since then, Cailyn references India alot at home!

Cailyn has enjoyed playing with my sister's cat, who she affectionately calls "Puss In Boots" (from Shrek).  She cautiously gave the cat all these toys one by one at an arms length.  You can only go to your Aunts in pj's without parental judgement!  Cailyn LOVES her aunt Christine an is very fortunate to have her in her life!

Cute little witch hat...

Every girls loves a new pair of shoes!

Pony tails and a pouty face!

Something new for Cailyn is fear.  Suddenly she fears clowns and that they are in her bedroom at night, along with a funny looking character from a movie.  She wakes up in the morning and talks about the clown in her room, or how that silly character was talking to daddy in her bed.  She also has baby dreams.  Two kids in her class have pregnant moms and Cailyn talks about wanting a baby.  She will awake in the morning and reassure us that the "baby is ok".  Not quite sure what these dreams mean, if anything, but it is a new chapter for us for sure.  Cailyn wants a baby.  If only Cailyn truly understood what it takes for us to have a baby and how if we could, we would. 
Cailyn is full of kindness and love.  She tells us everyday that she loves us, she thanks us for the small things in food.   She is very touchy feely - holds our hands, snuggles on the couch - we love it.  Every moment of her love is just so precious.  Last week when I was on round one of sickness, after a long nap I awoke to Cailyn asking me "mommy, is your sick ok now?".  Caring and adorable!   During the challenging times when she is tired or irrational , like every parent, we take a breath and work through it.  We are just so grateful to be in the moment...the moments we never thought would be possible!  
And Happy Diwali to all our Indian friends, especially those at SCI, Rahul and our blessed surrogate.