Nov 8, 2013

Lets show some support!!!!

Rhonda and Gerry have three beautiful children via surrogacy in India.  They have just released a book and the commentary on the news sites is not necessarily nice.  If you have a moment, please leave a note of support, acceptance and love for the bravery of this couple! Here is one of  the links:

All of us who have travelled this road knows it comes with judgment and misunderstanding.  Most of the criticism is from uneducated or super religious folks who cannot wrap their head around it.  Unfortunately, most comments lead to the dreaded "adoption" discussion. 

Rhonda and Gerry are courageous to have a book published, and for those of you who do not know, the proceeds from the book will go back to their surrogate in India.  Admirable!


  1. Done. Wrote a glowing response.

  2. Thanks Kerrie. That's so sweet of you! We were misquoted on a bunch of stuff in the article.


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