Dec 30, 2013

Cailyn and Jason

I have had the pleasure to make a really nice friend at my previous hmm hmm employment!  We have committed to getting together and after Saturday seeing these two run around, we are for sure doing this more often!  Cailyn hates to wear pants, socks and shoes...most of her childhood pictures will be of her half naked! Quirky girl! 

Dec 29, 2013

Chuck E Cheese

This not working for a living deal is pretty cool!! Cailyn is reaping the benefits of a refreshed mommy and a daddy who is on the mend.  Today we headed to Chuck E Cheese with friends made through India.  We all had a great time and Mark enjoyed the gluten free pizza!  The girls ate, played and ran around.  It was a wonderful afternoon with amazing friends!  

The girls...friends for life!


Alot of tickets won! (phony baloney smile)
Cash em in!

Chuck E himself!  Very big excitement!

Fun with friends!

Saturday December 28th we went to Sesame Street live in the morning and then after nap time friends came over.  First task...hit the hills!  It was positive temps all morning so the toboggan hill was slick and bumpy! The kids enjoyed the thrill of going down full speed - us parents ... felt every bump and dreaded the walk back up the hill to relive the 45 second thrill of coming down.  The smiles below show how much fun it was! 

Christmas Eve 2013

The weekend before Christmas we were hit with an amazing ice storm and in our area over 500,000 homes were without power!  My sister in laws parents were still without power the day before Christmas eve, so the plans evolved and the two families decided to come together at Mark's parents house.  It was a spontaneous delight!  Family from Argentina came with their 4 children and it was a very fun night!  We ate, we sang and enjoyed the evening into the wee hours of the night!


Note about the singing: only the guitar was in tune, and Matthew...the rest of us....not so much!


Dec 23, 2013

Dance Party Dec 21 2013

Happy Holidays!

To those of you who do not know, we have had a rough 8 weeks here.  Mark herniated his back and has been off work, unpaid...then, I lost my job!  Things have been a bit intense here financially but we will be ok! 
To those of you who sent us Christmas cards and gifts we say a huge "THANK YOU!".  Next year we will be back into spreading the Christmas Joy!  
Happy holidays to every one of you who happen to read our blog!  The holidays are very difficult for everyone who has tried so hard to have a family, and to want a family so badly makes the loneliness and heartache tremendous.  We struggled for 15 years with multiple losses and the pain of this is finally starting to fade.  This is our 3rd Christmas with Cailyn in our life and so far, it looks to be the best (despite the recent events).  It has taken this long to shake off all the pain of the past. 
When you do finally achieve your dreams, things get better - maybe not immediately, but every day shows improvement as your mind and heart start to accept your new reality.

  Peace and love!

Dec 22, 2013

A few videos for our keepsake.

December 22 we were iced in and trying to keep Cailyn entertained .....gross humor

                                          December 1st, we have a singer on our hands....

A few weeks before Christmas and Cailyn looks at the Toys R Us flyer.....

Dec 20, 2013

Snow Fever !

What to you do with a high energy girl home sick with a fever?

Dec 12, 2013

Visit with Santa

Cailyn totally gets the Santa concept - she talks about Santa everyday.  So, we assumed she would like to see Santa.  as we approached the big guy, she started the death grip around my neck saying NO NO NO!   We casually warmed her up to him and the pictures below show her high fiving and tickling Santa's knee.  This was the best she could do and she really enjoyed it!

We saw all the other little girls in their fancy dresses - adorable but oh so not Cailyn! Cailyn hates all the fuss of dressing up so there was no need to add that stress to the whole ordeal!

Almost touching Santa...almost...

A big step and a lean...

Holding her candy cane tightly

High five Santa!

Death grip!

All done...that is enough for me!