Dec 12, 2013

Visit with Santa

Cailyn totally gets the Santa concept - she talks about Santa everyday.  So, we assumed she would like to see Santa.  as we approached the big guy, she started the death grip around my neck saying NO NO NO!   We casually warmed her up to him and the pictures below show her high fiving and tickling Santa's knee.  This was the best she could do and she really enjoyed it!

We saw all the other little girls in their fancy dresses - adorable but oh so not Cailyn! Cailyn hates all the fuss of dressing up so there was no need to add that stress to the whole ordeal!

Almost touching Santa...almost...

A big step and a lean...

Holding her candy cane tightly

High five Santa!

Death grip!

All done...that is enough for me!


  1. It was the lap that did it.

  2. Sooo cute!!It was probably the best experience for her so far. She will talk about meeting Santa forever more!!She is growing up sooooo fast!!Adorable!!
    Kathy and David

  3. Hi Kerrie and Mark,
    Thought we'd stop by your blog....oh how adorable....I was always scared of Santa...all my pictures , even at 7 year's old I cried and my Santa pix has me in tears on his lap...bahahahaha...hilarious. Beautiful pictures of Cailyn! ♥
    Much love, S and R xoxo


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