Jan 31, 2014

January 2014

It is very difficult to comprehend that our little girl will soon be 2&1/2 years young!  The time has gone so quickly - I guess the speed of time is driven by the fulfilment in our life! 
January has been less of a busy month for us and we have enjoyed time with friends, sledding, going out here and there and spending time with family.  We are house hunting and Cailyn still insists that we get a house with a pool and a pony.  We hope to find a home in a neighbourhood with lots of kids and wonderful families.  Previous home purchases were geared towards peace and serenity and now with Cailyn our focus is completely the opposite.  I am looking for a great job as well as looking for a new home.  It's an exciting time for us as we open new doors and new opportunities. 
Recently I bought Cailyn a dreamy ballerina dress, which of course she loves!  Every day after school she demands to wear it around the house, dancing and twirling and singing with it on.  Soon she will be elevated a level at school again.  I dread the transition as it is difficult on her and mommy.  Fortunately, this will be it until she starts kindergarten.
Not a days goes by that we do not think of our surrogate.  Cailyn is quite proud to tell perfect strangers that she was born in India.  We are very proud of her embracing the difference.  We would love to return one day to reunite with our surrogate and give her the opportunity to see what a tremendous gift she has given to us. 

Playing with daddy and grapefruits Jan 27, 2014
Jan 23, 2014 - bossy girl!
Jan 22, 2014  - the dress obsession
The dress obsession part 2


  1. So adorable and so great that you get to enjoy all this and thank goodness for surrogacy and India. You and Mark deserve all of it.


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