Mar 9, 2014

February and Early March 2014

February was another fun filled month with Miss Cailyn!   Growth and development remain off the charts and we are starting to look at schools to stimulate her intellect. 
Cailyn has suffered viral hives for 10 days now.  They seem not to bother her but they look awful!  They pop up quickly and go away as quick as they come, and this is an all day occurrence.   Dr. says not to worry but if they continue we may look at allergy testing.

All is great in Cailyn land and life is good!

A message to BFF Lily

The now daily worn kitty cat suit

Pre Bed time fun with daddy

Cailyn comes home from school with pig tails and braids.  Funny how she how no patience at home for this!

A new found fondness...dresses and tiara's! Everyday after school we rush home to put on the dress du jour.  I finally found a tiara to add to the fun and it is a BIG hit. 

Sunglass swap with daddy after breakfast at a restaurant.  Fun!

Shaving cream fun!


Early March goose egg... poor kiddo was dancing with Lily and these goofy girls were having too much fun and Cailyn fell forehead first into a cement wall.  It was quite concerning to me at first sight but lots of homeopatics and 36 hours later there was no sign of it.

Craft time at school

Sitting on the couch with BFF Lily

Cailyn is obsessed with the idea of going to Tim Horton's - not just the drive through but sitting inside.  I opted to get her a sprinkle donut one morning for fun.  She ate 50% of the sprinkles and the rest went to the garbage!