Apr 18, 2014

March and Early April

It has been a busy four weeks.  Mark and I got very sick with flu and bronchitis and fortunately little Cailyn only suffered Pink Eye (conjunctivitis).  During this time I also started a new job in a new industry - with a new culture and a start up feel.  So far all is good.  Every ones health is better and we are looking forward to this Easter long weekend.  The weekend is jammed full of activities but it will still be super nice to spend time together as a family.  The weather is trying to break into some semblance of spring...so far this has been disappointing but we get out as often as we can to enjoy the small bursts of sunshine and vitamin D.  3 weeks ago we ended up at urgent care after Cailyn touched a non-prickly cactus.  Scary times driving to the urgent care watching your babies face, tongue and neck swell.  Fortunately some steroids and Benadryl took the swelling down very quickly.  In the proper lighting you could see a million baby cactus spines in Cailyn's hands.  The poor girl was in tremendous pain, and after hours of negotiating with her we finally convinced her to have a salted bath.  She instantly got relief in the bath as we played games and sang songs that encouraged her to put her hands in the water then remove them.  After the first dipping of the hands Cailyn told us "the water makes my hands feel better".  What relief for her and for us.  She was quite excited to tell her friends at school about her adventures the next day!

Cailyn will have her Intellectual Giftedness assessment at the age of three so that we can insure that she gets into the appropriate schooling program.  We are quite fortunate that by fluke, our new house is in a school district that has two schools for gifted children.  The program is called IEP - Individualized Education Program.  Typical junior kindergarten curriculum will be based on a grade 3-5 level. We are working very hard to ensure she remains a goofy active little girl and at the same time nourishing her brain that never stops - NEVER!   She is a true joy in our life and as all parents, we work diligently to provide for our child needs.  Our child needs constant brain stimulation - boredom is the devil for Cailyn.  It can be challenging to spend all waking hours on constant stimulation but it is a joy and we embrace it.  We are fortunate to have this side of a developmental spectrum!

Juicing with daddy

Take three beets and pile them - they become a burger.  Enjoy!

Still smiling with Cactus spines in her hands.  Can't close her hands due to the tremendous pain.

She loves to paint!

Pipeline update from school...

Another pipeline update
After bath ..playing Hungy Hungry Hippos with "dad"


Our video of support for INSTAR

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