Aug 11, 2014

Birthday Celebrations

Like all of us bloggers, finding time to write is a challenge.  So much has happened since April that I want to document here for Cailyn and time just gets away from me!
Cailyn will officially be three on the 17th of August but her BFF is off to Europe during her bday so we decided to have her party a week early. We were very fortunate that the weather was on our side at 28 Celcius.  Like all other kids around the world, Cailyn loves FROZEN... We wanted a Frozen bouncy castle for the party, but Disney will not release it until September so we opted to have Tinkerbell and her Fairy friends.  Cailyn had three little friends join her and an older boy (brother) came later.  This was Cailyn's Wedding!  She was worried all week about the party planning, food etc and on the actual day she was pumped up! We had a wonderful time enjoying the celebrations and when the cake came out we had one very tickled little girl.  I worked on an Elsa cake for Cailyn which turned out looking pretty good, and tasted really good!  All the kids loved the cake with Elsa on it. The craziest observation by our bigger guests is how similar Cailyn and Lily are.  It's like they are the same little girl, in two bodies.  They both are very intelligent, left handed, and finish each other sentences.  There is a theory that these girls were best friends in a past life, and I tend to think I believe this based on what I see when they are together.  Of any friends they could have, they chose each other.

Big news in advance of the party was that a week earlier, Cailyn decided she was done with pull ups and self initiated potty training.  She has had only one accident in the first week and that was on day two.  We are very proud of her taking this step of responsibility.  Potty training became lowest on our list of things to worry about, and we embraced the fact that when she is ready she will let us know. A psychologist once said that kids don't go to college in diapers so stop worrying...she was right!

We have had three amazing years with Cailyn in our life.  The time has gone too quickly for my liking!  Our little miracle continues to surprise us and teach us and we are eternally grateful to India for this treasure in our lives.  Happy 3rd Birthday Cailyn!!!

That's Tinkerbell!!!


If only I heard what hey were talking about!

Dinner - everyone was super thirsty after all the bouncing!

Taking a few minutes to colour

Look at the air Jason is getting!!!

Party time.

Shock and awe at her cake


Two of my masterpieces!

Girl chat

Cute disruption to girl chat!

Elsa cake!

BFF's take time to relax ...girl style

Bouncing maniacs!

Present time - spoiled by her friends!

BFF Necklace - Cailyns half says Best and Lily's half says friends.  So adorable!


  1. Happy happy b'day Miss C. Three is such a fun age.

  2. Very sweet. Happy day Cailyn! My, how time just rushes by.

  3. Happy birthday Cailyn!!!!!well done mommy on the frozen cake!!!!! Can't believe she is three!!!!! Beautiful family!!!!!

  4. Happy Birthday Cailyn!!Cant believe your 3..where has the time gone?!!Love the cake Kerrie!!She must have loved it!!
    Hope to catch up at some point!Looking forward to seeing what an other 3 years will be like for you all!!


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