Dec 22, 2014

The Princess and the Popstar

Cailyn has developed into such a girlie girl, yet, she can throw mud as good or better than any boy.  The last few weeks of the summer were packed full of fun with friends.   Most importantly we have started Dancing Machines class.  Cailyn and Lily are three months into it and so far seem to be really enjoying it. At the parents viewing day I was a puddle.  I bawled through the whole class. It was one of those moments that caught me off guard.  I never thought I would experience these moments and sometimes the emotional overload becomes too much to handle. Seeing Cailyn stand up in front of a room full of parents and announce her full name loudly for all to hear and then strike a pose was a very precious moment.
Cailyn is also a super fan of the Princess and The Pop star movie.  The popstar happens to wear a one sleeved dress in the movie so we spent the better part of the summer and fall with Cailyn pull all and any shirts off one sleeve.  She quickly learned the word "nipple" as we were constantly reminding her to stop exposing hers!  We listen to the soundtrack every day (still) on the ride to school.  Thank god for iTunes and my iPhone!

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