Nov 18, 2015

A small photo catch up!

It has been so long since I have had two moments to sit an update the blog.  I want to keep memories here for Cailyn to look back on.  This is the sole purpose at this time.

Dance started in the fall of 2014 and in June 2015 we had an amazing recital on the big stage!  All the kids were amazing and our little Pineapple Princess stole the show in our opinon :)

 Dance class - dress up day

 A wedding for a 3 year old?  David and Cailyn got married at preschool...they have since parted ways and are just a very distant memory...

Girls having a smooch after receiving flowers at dance class from the lone boy in their class. 

Doctor Cailyn...

Making nut milk....
 Crock a doodle fun - painting ceramics for an afternoon

The first pic kills me...two girls having such a laugh together...

Easter - cold day, a quick egg hunt and too much candy.
 Birthday party for Jason.  Jason turned 4 and had his party at the Milton Centre for the Arts.  An amazing party with a focus on the arts....and cake!

Matching sunglasses bought by Cailyns' Babcia

 Costume delivery day - girls were super excited!

Lets swap sunglasses!

Mar 31, 2015

Christmas 2014

A long over due update on Cailyn and Christmas.  Christmas 2014 was filled with a lot of excitement.  Cailyn was excited for Santa.  We actually had a Santa call placed to Cailyn early in December to tell he that she was not on the nice list yet, but, if she kept doing all the right things she would make it in time for Christmas.  This put some good fear into her and she took the message to heart.  By Christmas Eve, Santa had placed another call to confirm that she indeed had made the nice list.  Christmas morning was what I had always imagined life with a child would be.  A very excited little girl awoke to see if Santa had finished his milk and cookies.

A very nice stocking ....

Very much a pro at opening her gifts!  And "she just needed" all of her gifts!

In advance of the actual holiday, Cailyn had a nice holiday party at school.  The kids were able to show off their jolly phonics and offer gifts to their teachers.  Parents got to spend time in the class and enjoy some snacks and drinks.  Cailyn likes to be the helper for Jolly Phonics.

Cailyn also discovered winking in December... She is winking at Miss Join this video.  Cailyn is VERY fond of Miss Jo.

Cailyn and her school friend Chelsea resisting the temptation to devour the treats!

And of course we did the Santa visit which I previewed in a previous post ...

We also went to Disney on Ice late December.  It was a fun day and very expensive.  We had decent seats however the show was a bit lack lustre.

Christmas Eve was special as we had our first Christmas with Cecilia, Cailyn's cousin!